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I think this is AWSOME! its relaxing, yet gives off a spooky vibe. I also think i hace a concept of it. Finding their parts and putting them back together? thats what I got from exploring around a tad and finding a blue thing, then going back to see it floating in the sky. definately peeks my interest! and i ADORE the visuals!!!

Amazing game, got it on video!

Haha wow, thank you so much <3 Glad you like it! I would love to keep working on it, there is so much I would love to do with this world, this was just a small concept.

Love the visuals !

Good atmosphere, like relax but a bit spooky...

Haha thanks, that was the atmosphere I was going for! :P

I am hopefully going to be able to keep working on this in my free time :)

wHY WONT IT WORKS on windows