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The world has been torn asunder by an unknown cataclysmic event, you are the last guardian and it is up to you to find the others and restore their power to this world.

- This is the intro scene to a 3D world I have designed, it is a visual concept for how I envision the game The Old Ones -


Install instructions

  • Unzip: TheOldOnes.zip
  • Run: TheOldOnes.exe
  • Wait for the cutscene.
  • WASD to navigate
  • Mouse to look

Better with headphones.

Made with Unreal Engine, Maya, Speedtree and Substance Painter.


TheOldOnes.zip 427 MB


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I think this is AWSOME! its relaxing, yet gives off a spooky vibe. I also think i hace a concept of it. Finding their parts and putting them back together? thats what I got from exploring around a tad and finding a blue thing, then going back to see it floating in the sky. definately peeks my interest! and i ADORE the visuals!!!

Amazing game, got it on video!

Haha wow, thank you so much <3 Glad you like it! I would love to keep working on it, there is so much I would love to do with this world, this was just a small concept.

Love the visuals !

Good atmosphere, like relax but a bit spooky...

Haha thanks, that was the atmosphere I was going for! :P

I am hopefully going to be able to keep working on this in my free time :)

wHY WONT IT WORKS on windows